Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Table Dots-Giveaway

I am always trying to come up with good management ideas to make my life in a K room easier.  I am absolutely obsessed with using vinyl for EVERYTHING in my room.  It looks great and holds up great ALL year long.  A few years ago I decided to try number dots on my guided reading table like I do on the floor and once again it was a SUCCESS!  :)  I have 6 dots on my table and corresponding dots on my stools.  I assign my kiddos a number and that's their space each time they come to group.  SO simple and easy.  :)  
If you are interested in finding out 
more about this product you 
can find it HERE in my TPT store and
because I love this product SO MUCH I am going to be doing a giveaway for 2 lucky winners to get their very own set of table dots.  Please be sure to enter and share it with your friends.  :)


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