Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Classroom Tour 2013-2014

I am finally getting around to posting some NEW classroom pics.  As I said before I packed up and moved down the hall just a few weeks ago and I re-did a lot of things.   
view from my door

view from the back
view from my teacher table
 line up dots

game storage
 game storage

 whole group area
teacher table
 notes board
 Monday-Friday drawers for planning
small group cart
 word wall
art work display
 center chart
Bucket Fillers
 writing center 
 my new classroom sign...LOVE
 art supply storage 
school supply storage
 my NEW reading loft...YIPEE!
i added these chevron center signs this year 
 everything MUST be painted  ;)
  storage for my units

**Let me know what you think or leave any questions below. :)


  1. Did you make your loft? I absolutely love it! The colors are so much fun!


  2. I love your line up dots. I bought them from your TPT store and they are working great. I had you make them all the same color for my 4 year olds so there is no fighting they pick a number from my can and go stand in that spot. Thank you. At the end of year when I remove them will they re-stick to floor so I can use again the following year?

  3. Where did you purchase the dots and how did you keep them attached to the floor?

  4. I love your classroom sign! Did you make it?

  5. The classroom has many eye-catching colors and they go so well together. Absolutely inviting. It was such a delight viewing the posted photos.

  6. Great classroom! Wow you work hard! I have some money from a parent and wondered what are your very favorite lakeshore materials.
    You have so many great things and your children must love coming to school!

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  8. What do you store in the drawers in between the tables? I love the color coded baskets and trash bins. Your classroom is so colorful!

  9. What do you do about the line leader and door holder if they are those jobs for that week? Do they just not stand on their numbers? Do the kids get confused with 2-4 spots open that week?

  10. can you share the plans for building the reading loft? what a fun, colorful K space you created!

  11. Where did you purchase your dots from and how did you stick them to the floor?


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