Monday, September 24, 2012

Lakeshore Learning, Oh SO Fun!

So, the sweet people at Lakeshore Learning contacted me and asked me to review some of their products and let me tell you I was SO excited because I am one of their BIGGEST fans.  I absolutely love their stuff and I have tons of their games.
Of course phonics is a super important skill that we work on in kindergarten as well as keeping those darn shoes laced/tied (do any of you kinder teachers feel like you tie about 100 shoes a day :)) so this Language Lacer phonics game worked perfectly for my kiddos.  It is super cute and kid friendly and while your kiddies think they are playing this fun game they are actually learning/practicing several different skills.   
Another skill that is important for Kindergarten is learning our shapes as well as  sorting and this little gem does exactly that.  This is Shape Sorting game is magnetic  (which is fantastic because the pieces do not  slide around) and has 40 magnets that are used for matching environmental shapes to the 8 basic shapes.  Another thing that is great about this game is that it helps your students to learn to identify shapes in their real world.
Sounds like a WIN, WIN to me.  :)
If you are interested in either of these games you can visit and you can enjoy up to 15.00 off your next purchase. :)  See coupon below.


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