Saturday, September 10, 2011

All About Me!

This week our theme unit was All about me.  I like to use this week to work on learning some need to know facts about ourselves such as what color our hair is, what color eyes we have, etc.  I also introduced graphs this week.  This is always a good unit to do this with because there are SO many things we can graph about.  Check out some of the fun that we had this week.  :)

matching colors and writing color words

matching letters and writing letters


  1. Finishing up my All About Me unit next week. Love all of your graphing ideas, too!!

  2. These are too cute! We're doing graphing all this week so I will definitely be using some of these ideas! Can't wait. thank you for sharing! :)

  3. super cute activities! do you have the "boy" template and color word sheets in a unit? I'd absolutely love a copy, however i could get one! ...and i <3 your blog :)

  4. I love this! I'd also like to know if you have the color word sheets in a unit somewhere. Thanks!

  5. Ashley, I do have the boy template and color word sheets. Send me your e-mail address and I would be GLAD to send them to you! :) Jamie

  6. awesome! thanks a bunch :) it's

  7. Hi Jamie,

    Would I also be able to get your worksheets including the This is Me cut and paste activity as I would love to use them with my class of all boys. My email is

    Thanks so much,


  8. Jamie-
    Your site is great! I would love a copy of your All About Me printables. They are wonderful!
    My e-mail is
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  9. Jamie, I would love a copy of the All About Me sheets. If it wouldn't be too much trouble could you send me a copy? Thanks so much!

  10. I love all of your ideas. The one that I would like to use is the "This is me" worksheet with the head shoulders knees and toes. Can you send me the worksheet of the girl and a boy. Thanks sooooo much for sharing. Please send it to

  11. LOVE the All About Me unit. I would also LOVE to have the sheets if you don't mind sharing!! Thanks so much!
    My email is

  12. Hey, I love all your All About Me unit and great worksheets. Even I would love to have these worksheet. Can u pls share these worksheets on my email.
    Thanks and regards,

  13. I would love to have a copy of these activities too!! Thanks! Joey

  14. I would love to have a copy of these activities too! This is so cute!

  15. I would love to have a copy of these activities too!! Too cute!! Thanks, Barbee

  16. Could you please bless me with a copy of your boy and girl template 'This is Me' (head, shoulders, knees, toes) and your color words worksheets? Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much!


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